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The regrouping of these product areas means that clients' requirements and expectations are at the core of how we operate our business. The division has over 120 staff, primarily based in London & Paris, with additional FX options desks in Singapore, Tokyo and New York. The area is at the leading edge of product development and we continue to invest in analytical tools and trading systems to stimulate liquidity and maintain our competitive edge. Our product coverage includes; FX Options, Interest Rate Options, Equity Options (OTC and Exchange Traded) and Listed Options and Futures.

Please see the contact details below for the products available in each of our regions:

Asia Pacific

Singapore+65 6922 1388
FX Options
Tokyo+813 5549 8100
FX Options
Equity Options

Europe & Middle East

London+44 (0)20 7200 7000
Vanilla FX Options
Exotic FX Options
Euro Crosses
Emerging Market FX Options
Index Options
OTC FTSE Options
European Single Stocks
Futures Options
Exotic Equity Options
Listed Options on Financial Futures (Futures Options)
Interest Rate Options
Paris+33 1 49 24 18 00
Futures Options

The Americas

New York+1 212 208 2000
Emerging Market Options
Equity Derivatives
FX Options
Interest Rate Options
Equity Options
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