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黑龙江时时彩的微博: Interest Rate Option Matching Platform


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tpIRODEAL is Tullett Prebon’s enhanced volume matching platform for Interest Rate Options. It offers clients real time electronic trade matching within frequent trading sessions. A full swaption grid is provided with a simple and clear method of inputting orders. Spreads are easily entered and vega weighted for matching on spread or legs. The platform is simple to use with participating users able to clearly view interests and trades on an anonymous basis. It includes customisable window management and filters, warning messages, pop-ups and alerts. Hold and kill buttons aid safety and enable quick action if necessary. A function to remember previous orders is also provided for speed and convenience.

Each matching session lasts for a pre-determined length of time (dependant on the product and the market conditions) providing our clients with focused liquidity sessions. Auctions are run at regular intervals throughout the day.

tpIRODEAL is used and supported by our clients globally with new products to be added to the system soon. Current tpIRODEAL products include Swaptions in EUR, GBP, USD SEK and JPY. Skew, Cap/Floor and CMS products will follow.

It is deployed via Citrix for easy connectivity and fully supported by Tullett Prebon’s experienced E-Broking sales and market administration team.


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For all SEF enquiries please contact Tullett Prebon's SEF Preparation Team:

Tullett Prebon's SEF
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Tel: +1 (201) 984-6559
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