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tpCREDITDEAL is Tullett Prebon's hybrid electronic credit product trading platform and part of the growing suite of electronic solutions provided by our Electronic Markets division. The platform was launched in October 2008 and is currently live in London for Single name CDS, Financials iTRAXX, LevX, High Yield CDS and Financials/Sovereign CDS. Cash Bonds (Corporate Bonds and Financial Bonds) successfully launched in September 2009, enhancing the product coverage provided by a platform that leverages the combination of cutting-edge technology with a market-leading voice broking team.

tpCREDITDEAL allows live real-time order entry and trade execution with connectivity to ICE Link, providing clients with fully-automated Straight Through Processing (STP), and it also has API connection to the major clearing houses. The platform includes customisable windows to allow for richer functionality such as market depth, filter and search keys, favourites pages, dockable or floating panels for space management, warning messages, pop ups, and alert options. Protection keys ensure traders cancel and refresh prices at their convenience on a number of pre-defined market movements or circumstances. Although standard sizes are set per the market, the "trade work up" feature allows the two initial parties of a trade to increase their trade size in a bilateral environment before other counterparties can access this trade session.

Trading hours are between 06:30 and 18:00, with all clients receiving dedicated platform support from Tullett Prebon’s experienced Electronic Markets sales and market admin team, and their voice broking contact.


Tullett Prebon plc
155 Bishopsgate
London EC2M 3TQ
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7200 7300
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7200 7176
Tullett Prebon (Singapore) Limited
50 Raffles Place
#39-00 Singapore Land Tower
Singapore 048623
Tel: +65 6922 1499

Global Email Contact
For all SEF enquiries please contact Tullett Prebon's SEF Preparation Team:
Tullett Prebon's SEF
101 Hudson Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Tel: +1 (201) 984-6559
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