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By using a Tullett Prebon website with your browser settings adjusted to accept cookies you consent to our use of cookies and other tools to provide the products and services available on those sites. If you would like to modify your browser to notify you when you receive a new cookie or to disable cookies altogether, please refer to Managing Cookies below.

Cookies and How We Use Them

Cookies are small text files that may be placed on your Web browser when you visit our websites or when you view advertisements we have placed on other websites. Cookies allow your browser to remember some specific information which the Web server can later retrieve and use. We do not use cookies to store any personal information that could be read or understood by others. When you quit your browser, some cookies are stored in your computer’s memory, while some expire or disappear.

Cookies are used primarily for administrative purposes, to improve your experience with our websites. Examples of this would include the use of cookies:

  • To improve site security by "authenticating" you (i.e., verify that you are who you say you are) when you sign-in to any of our sites.
  • To keep track of your specified preferences such as language, time zone and timeouts after periods of inactivity.
  • To allow you to navigate our sites more easily by "remembering" your identity so that you do not have to input your password multiple times as you move between pages or services.

In addition to administrative uses, we may also use cookies in one or more of the following ways, depending on the website you are using:

  • To conduct research and analytics to improve our websites and our products and services. This includes compiling statistical information concerning, among other things, the frequency of your use of our websites, the pages visited and the length of each visit.
  • To display Tullett Prebon advertisements when you visit websites of third parties with whom we have marketing relationships and to help us gauge the effectiveness of our advertising efforts. We do not provide any personal information to third parties displaying our interest-based ads. These parties may gather information concerning your use of other websites and provide us with de-identified information about you (such as demographic information or the names of sites where you have been shown ads) which we may use to provide you with more relevant and useful advertising.

Managing cookies

You have the option to disable or delete existing cookies by modifying your browser settings. You should be able to find out how by going to the Help section of your browser.

Please note that by closing the cookie policy popup on our website, you have accepted our request to store cookies on your computer. However, should you choose to disable or delete the cookies from our website, you can always do so on your browser. Most of the pages on our website are able to function normally without the use of cookies, but it will not stop Google analytics from tracking your visit.

More information

You can find out more about cookies by visiting www.allaboutcookies.org

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